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FW Purchase Consulting

Dear Partners, Leaders, Managers,

Do you wish to optimize
your results and competitivity ?

Your purchasing set up and its scale up are an essential driver of economy to stay competitive and increase your margins.

Your issues in your purchase environment such as organization, process, resources, and sourcing, prevent you from substantial spend improvement.

The company FW Purchase Consulting offers the services of professional expertise in the field of purchases.

FW Purchase Consulting may offer you many professional support options in the purchasing area. Our priority is to meet your specific needs

Mission 1 de FW Purchase Consulting

Purchase process optimisation to reach your expectations

Mission 2 de FW Purchase Consulting

Deep analysis of your purchasing portfolio and potential saving program proposal

Mission 3 de FW Purchase Consulting

Supportive and skilled for the business contract establishment, writing and content, in a international environment

Mission 4 de FW Purchase Consulting

Improvement and follow up on your portfolios following a deep market analysis process and conduct of a tender launch

Mission 5 de FW Purchase Consulting

Negotiation support for a spot investment, a multi category project or in case of unusual high purchase value

Mission 6 de FW Purchase Consulting

Market follow up (energy, commodities, raw materials), short-mid-long term forecast, reports

A scaled expertise level to meet your needs

Purchase process

  • Purchase process alignment with your expenses and taking into consideration your activity
  • Improvement of an existing purchase process
  • Proposal of functional tools for the purchases (dashboard, saving follow-up, suppliers evaluation, tender launch, KPIs ..)
  • Purchase strategy commitment
  • Implementation of monthly report

Full purchase assist

  • Needs analysis and drafting of specifications for the tender
  • Suitable performance criteria definition for supplier selection
  • Situation view of existing contract
  • Supplier panel study, pre-choices and business meetings tender launch with the suppliers chosen by the customer
  • Supplier negotiations, evaluation following criteria selection, ranking of bid
  • Decision for selected supplier following client choice
  • Ordering process and contract set up
  • Follow up of goods and services acceptance

Cost Optimization

FW Purchase consulting offers you an audit of your purchase portfolios’

  • Potential savings research and proposal
  • Purchase discussion and needs analysis
  • General assessment on your purchase level
  • Audit report and improvement tracks
  • Main working axes defined in an actions plan agreed with the customer. Driving actions plan in line with the customer perspective board
  • Performance monitoring through dashboards

Special skills

  • Customized training on purchasing management and its optimizations
  • Coaching on the total value chain analysis
  • Negotiation and purchase fundamentals training
  • Optimization of specific markets including total cost analysis
  • Assistance or drafting for your supplier contracts
  • Annual management of purchase portfolios
  • Market Intelligence follow up, overview, outlook
  • Customers audit preparation

Frédéric, my Ethics, my Commitments

Over 20 years of industrial experience in France and abroad, for automotive partner groups, and then with leading companies in the wood industry for the manufacture of panels and furniture.

The key positions held within its groups has allowed me to develop my ability to meet the many and varied needs of streamlining expenses, organizing purchasing strategies and managing large portfolios.

There are so many ways to improve your purchases, your expenses, your costs; whatever the size of your company, I would like to contribute to this progress.

Today, a start-up in the industry cobotics already trusts me, and also a very well-known Swedish furniture maker.

FW Purchase Consulting is committing to accept only the missions in adequacy with its competences.

FW Purchase Consulting will always guarantee the confidentiality of its customers by not disclosing any information or results without their agreements.

FW Purchase Consulting will offer the best services and solutions with pragmatism, rigor, dynamism and proactivity to support all the employees concerned to achieve goals.

FW Purchase Consulting will take into account the economic contexts, internal policies, geographical and competitive factors of its customers in order to offer adapted and efficient services.

FW Purchase Consulting aims for approaching the industrial sector without limit of location in its interventions according to the project specifications. Accessibility to the east regions of France, Benelux and Switzerland remains privileged.

FW Purchase Consulting would like you to benefit from its experience in the progress of controlling your costs and streamlining, in an environment respectful of your employees and suppliers. The orientation of our projects will be focused on the results and efficiency of purchasing strategies within a time frame to be defined together.

FW Purchase Consulting is an independent company that guarantees full objectivity in its recommendations and analysis. Honesty and impartiality are common key factors to achieve cost rationalization objectives.

FW Purchase Consulting, through listening and understanding, is going to support involvement of your teams in their missions.

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