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Company name: FW Purchase Consulting

Legal structure: LLC

Company registration number: 849 646 708 00016

Business sector: APE code 7022Z

Address: 9 rue de la Fontenotte - 70000 ECHENOZ-LA-MELINE

Email: contact@fwpurchaseconsulting.fr

Mobile phone: 06 72 27 16 42

Company registered in France under the number: RCS Vesoul 849 646 708

VAT Number: FR35 849 646 708

Publication officer: Frédéric Willemin

Technical and graphic design:
netizis.fr - 9, Rue de Villersexel, 70000 NAVENNE - contact[@]netizis.fr

Web site host:
Online SAS - BP 438 - 75366 Paris CEDEX

Personal data

n accordance with the European Directive 2009/136 / EC, we inform you about the personal data collected by this site. You have the rights of access, modification and deletion of your personal data on request by contacting:

Frédéric Willemin
By email: contact@fwpurchaseconsulting.fr
By phone: 06 72 27 16 42
By post: 9 rue de la Fontenotte - 70000 ECHENOZ-LA-MELINE


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